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“It takes guts to launch a start-up, found a non-profit, create a mobile app…At Element, we are devoted to fostering YOUR project—whatever it may be—to ensure that your idea gets the attention it deserves.”

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Software Development
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Mobile App Development
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Creative Digital Solutions
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Cloud Hosting Solutions

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Global Reach

We have earned the trust of clients all over the world. Our ability to manage large and complex projects across diverse contexts has kept our international clientele returning to us again and again.

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Years of Experience

Statisfied Customers

Completed Projects

Conducted Workshops
<span>Abigail G.</span> - DHS, The Thomistic Institute
<span>Jiryis Y.</span> - Holy Land Tours, LLC
<span>Carmen G.</span> - Bethlehem Municipality
<span>Amjaad J.</span> - Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce
<span>Michael A.</span> - Siraj Center
<span>Tony A.</span> - Good Shepherd Travel, LLC

I've worked with Element Media for over five years now and am always satisfied with their professionalism and creativity.

Abigail G. - DHS, The Thomistic Institute

We have worked with Element Media for over a year now. Their services are extremely professional and their team is responsive and very friendly.

Jiryis Y. - Holy Land Tours, LLC

Element turned our vision into a reality. Their team was highly skilled and communicated with us every step of the way.

Carmen G. - Bethlehem Municipality

Element was highly communicative and creative, bringing their own ideas and suggestions to the table to help make our project even better.

Amjaad J. - Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce

Element brought their extensive technical expertise and creative problem-solving skills to the table, delivering a top-notch product on time and within budget.

Michael A. - Siraj Center

Element developed a game-changing back office software solution for our travel agency. They exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend.

Tony A. - Good Shepherd Travel, LLC

Our Clients

Bethlehem Municipality - بلدية بيت لحم
Bethlehem Chamber - غرفة تجارة بيت لحم
Paris Municipality - بلدية باريس
Ramallah Municipality - بلدية رام الله
PMNH - متحف فلسطين للتاريخ الطبيعي
Culture Ministry - وزارة الثقافة
Care Organization
WHO Jerusalem - منظمة الصحة العالمية القدس
EU European Union - الإتحاد الأوروبي
OSUN - Open Society University Network
AICS - الوكالة الإيطالية
Bethlehem University - جامعة بيت لحم
AQB - Al Quds Bard College - كلية بارد جامعة القدس أبو ديس
The Thomistic Institue
Caritas Baby Hospital
Siraj Center
Holy Family Hospital
Religious Freedom Institute
Alquds University - Abu Dees
Jawwal Company
Bank of Palestine - بنك فلسطين
John Paul II Foundation - مؤسسة يوحنا بولس الثاني
The World Bank - البنك العالمي

Are you ready to start your next project?