Taghyeer women’s group is divided into two sub-groups . One in the South, which includes women activists from Nablus, and another in the North which includes women activists from Jub Al Deib, Twaneh and Hebron. 

After signing a memorandum of understanding with forumZFD, the German organisation implemented the first project with Taghyeer in August 2019 .

The Group Building project enables the groups previously mentioned to launch two community campaigns after meeting twice every month during a specific period of time to discuss the steps and details of each campaign.

The project increased the leadership skills of these women and boosted their knowledge in leading campaigns.

Taghyeer aims to:

  1. Form women’s groups in each community we work in .
  2. Nurture partnerships among our women leaders within the Palestinian society, thus resulting in the recruitment of new activists and leaders.
  3. Brainstorm with the women’s groups to make an action plan for the projects so they can implement them in their communities, remaining aware of the different challenges each community faces.
  4.  Develop the action plan previously mentioned and work on providing a budget for each project.
  5. Develop a media and social media advocacy system.