Taghyeer aims to build a network of well-trained emerging leaders in communities, schools, municipalities and organizations across Palestine, dedicated to nonviolent social change. This network will promote a Palestinian identity of nonviolence in action by addressing social issues, and building trust and dialogue among Palestinians. This will enable the implementation of community development activities, Palestinian empowerment on the path to freedom, a long-term increase in common identity and decrease of violence.

Taghyeer has been working closely with 10 community leaders to increase their leadership skills  through training courses and community based projects. This will enable them to lead their communities and work on increasing the sense of belonging of the members towards their communities. Local and international leaders will take part in the training to share their knowledge and experiences with the Messengers of Change Program. The goal is to reach 70 Messengers of Change will drive the change socially and politically to secure a better future


  • To train emerging leaders, in nonviolent methodologies that enable them to take the initiative and work on concrete social development projects;
  • To build trust among individuals, communities and leaders through the implementation of inclusive trust-building dialogue
  • To bring the full spectrum of Palestinian society (leaders and communities) together in nonviolent resistance to occupation and standing up as a strong peace partner.